Restoration Work

Restoration of Internal Mouldings

We can restore any old or damaged mouldings to their original splendour.
Some mouldings can date from the Victorian or Georgian era and in most cases, these Cornices, Centrepieces or Corbels etc. cannot be purchased for replacement from modern stores. At our workshop, such mouldings can be restored and copied to blend in with and match the existing mouldings.

Internal Arches

Internal Arches can be fitted around a doorway or arch between adjoining rooms, to give a more spacious appearance in an open plan setting. They enhance the room and add beauty to any interior.


 Restoration of External Mouldings

We can reproduce or copy any damaged or broken Concrete Mouldings. The restored mouldings are made to an exact replica of the original mouldings and are fitted to an excellent standard.

Dovea House

Littleton Church of Ireland

Killea Church