External Mouldings

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A Concrete Arch is usually fitted externally around the front doorway of a house to add style and character to the building. It gives emphasis to the doorway and adds beauty to the building. Most of our external mouldings are manufactured in concrete.


Window and Door Mouldings

Window and door mouldings add elegance and decor to the exterior of a building. The window or door is usually adorned on top and both sides by a reveal which is a concrete linear moulding which gives emphasis to the door or window. The angles can have a mitred finish, or a Corner block can be fitted instead to give added decor.



Corbels are fitted underneath arches and give the appearance of supporting each side of the arch, to give a stylish and decorative effect. We stock a wide variety of corbels and can also restore or reproduce any broken or damaged corbels.



A Keystone is normally fitted in the centre of an arch to add style and elegance to the Arch. A keystone can be fitted to an internal or external arch. Visit our showroom to view our range of keystones or other mouldings.


Corner Blocks

Corner Blocks can be fitted to window or door mouldings to complement a keystone and enhance the building. We have a range of corner blocks to suit the width of the reveals that are being used.